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Turning High Conflict-High Stakes Cases Into Winning Verdicts

When The Law Isn't Always Enough

High Conflict - High Stakes
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What is High Conflict?

All cases involve conflict.

High conflict cases are fueled by bitter betrayal and vindictive outrage. In many instances, they are driven by litigants who rely on persuasive charm and intimidation to dominate others. When challenged in litigation, they want not just to win, but to humiliate, control, and devastate their opponents.


Like the modern equivalent of a “fight to the death” battle, high conflict cases are unlikely to settle or stay settled and require the client and trial attorneys to prepare for litigation warfare. These feuds are embedded in various types of legal disputes, including:

  • High conflict corporate business disputes

  • Disputes between high conflict spouses and relations

  • Business disputes between entrenched parties akin to family

  • Succession disputes

  • Personal Injury as caused by a trusted party

  • Intellectual property disputes


What do we mean by akin to family?

Even beyond blood relations, interpersonal dynamics between individuals who are deeply involved in business partnerships or shared personal endeavors can take on aspects of familial relationships. Trust, security (attachment), and esteem become intertwined.


Such cases can involve a betrayal that catalyzes the breakup of a long-standing business partnership, a CEO accused of sexual harassment by a trusted associate, closed corporation shareholder hostilities over breaches of fiduciary duty, wrongful termination of a devoted, long-term employee, and other disputes in which the parties are deeply entangled both financially and emotionally. In these most difficult of cases, the law isn’t always enough.


What are High Stakes?

High conflict cases are usually high stakes, meaning that at least one party stands to lose not just money but also an entire business enterprise, their professional reputation, their standing in the community, the welfare of their loved ones, and ultimately their sense of identity and purpose. In these cases, almost everything of value is on the line.


We Can Help

In high conflict - high stakes cases, the litigation can be fierce and prolonged. Clients and attorneys benefit from Dr. King’s mature emotional intelligence and ability to work effectively with multiple parties. He is particularly skilled at helping legal teams and their clients construct their own compelling case story while anticipating counterattacks and proceed with focused determination throughout the litigation.

Reviewing the Laws
Strategic Consulting Philosophy

Strategic Consulting Philosophy


Discover the narrative of the client and their legal teams


Deepen the case story through recursive interventions


Resolve "case blockers"


Recognize and reduce the opposition’s power throughout the evolution of the case

Life Cycle Chart (3).png

Analyze Case Facts & Venue

Test Case Themes

Strengthen Case Story

Maximize Case Presentation

In-Court Advising


At Vital Justice, we work tirelessly to strengthen your case and create a tight bond of trust between attorneys and clients. 

Our Services

As opposed to traditional trial consulting that can operate as a “sidecar” operation or a single intervention, Vital Justice engages in a recursive and ongoing consultancy with the legal teams and their clients.

Our Services 

Unlike traditional trial consulting that can operate as a “sidecar” operation or single intervention, Vital Justice engages in an ongoing consultancy with the legal teams and their clients. Our strategic approach is customized for each case but often includes the following services:

  • Initial Case and Opposition Profiling

  • The Theme

  • Hot Docs in Hiding: Document BiopsyⓇ

  • Witness Preparation: Witness Effectiveness ProtocolⓇ

  • Focus Groups: Testing Barriers to Comprehension

  • Mock Trials: Confidential Trial ProtocolⓇ

  • Case Story

  • Jury Selection

Initial Case and Opposition Profiling

We meet with the trial team to jointly review their case strategy, assess the strengths of the opposition, discern our case weaknesses, and determine why our case should prevail despite the opposition’s strong points. This process helps the legal team and their clients see the case with fresh, discerning eyes.

Judge and Gavel
Who We Are

Who We Are

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Vital Justice was founded in 2007 by Marc King, Ph.D., a trial psychologist with over 28 years of experience consulting on civil litigation. Dr. King has successfully worked on several of the nation’s largest mass action lawsuits and numerous must-win cases. As Executive Director and Lead Trial Psychologist at Vital Justice, he specializes in high conflict - high stakes civil cases.


Dr. King often enlists select talented professionals from around the country to assist his consultancy. Together, the team creates a collaborative idea space that guides their evolving assessment of the case.

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Tel:  (972) 345-6944

Main offices in Houston, TX

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